You can learn about the Reform Party of Texas’ stances on issues by reading our State Platform.  This document is adopted by the State Convention and defines the issues we want our candidates to address.

You can also read the National Platform. to learn about the National Party’s stances on issues.

National Platform

The following statements summarize the Reform Party USA’s core issues as a national party. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY The Reform Party SUPPORTS fiscal responsibility and accountability. TAX POLICY The Reform Party SUPPORTS fair taxation policies without prejudice or special interest exceptions. JOB CREATION The Reform Party SUPPORTS an “America First” position. PERSONAL HEALTHCARE The Reform Party SUPPORTS …

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State Platform

The Reform Party is a grassroots organization.   Each level of the organization is able to adopt and promote a platform document that best represents the interests of that constituency. Returning Government to the People Platform of the Reform Party of Texas The noble ideals upon which our nation was founded, the constitutional concept of a …

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