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Frequently Asked Questions

As readers to come learn more about the Reform Party, there are still questions that people ask.  In an effort to provide some answers, we have developed this FAQ section.  If this section and the website do not answer all your questions, do not hesitate to write the party office via email: RPTX@rpusa.info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the current status of the Reform Party as a party in Texas?

A: The Reform Party of Texas has been in existence for many years, and run candidates for local, state, and national office.  We do not currently have ballot access, so our candidates are running as independents or write-in candidates.

Q: How is the Reform Party structured in Texas?

A: The state Reform Party is made up multiple county organizations.  It is governed by a state executive committee, which is made up of representatives from each Senate District.

Q: How is the Reform Party different from the American Reform Party or the Tea Party?

A: The Reform Party is a political party (made up of a state, county and congressional district organizations) which fields its own candidates for office.

The American Reform Party (ARP) is a political action committee or PAC that raises money for candidates of other political parties that support the ARP agenda.  The ARP, while not affiliated with the Reform Party of the USA, shares many of the same positions on issues.

The Tea Party movement is not an organized political party either or a PAC, but a group of American citizens dissatisfied with the government.  Both ARP and Tea Party members are welcome to join the Reform Party, provided they are not registered members of other political parties.

Q: Who is currently in charge of the Reform Party in Texas?

A: Ms. Beverly Kennedy is the current State Chairman.  She, along with the other officers and Senate District representatives, make up the State Executive Committee.

Q: How can I get involved?

A:  The easiest way to get involved is to contact Ms. Kennedy at: RPTX@rpusa.info.